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Community Outreach

Saint Gabriel's is a small church in Jefferson Township, Morris County, and as such we try to make ourselves known to our surrounding neighbors. We have become involved with the local Historical Society, who presents an Annual Christmas in the Village every December. Saint Gabriel's takes an active roll in this endeavor. Our facilities are used by the local school bands, who put on concerts during the day. Mini plays are also offered during this time. There are crafters, Garden Club, Music Boosters and Saint Gabriel who offer a variety of wares and food for the public, who have come to look forward to this annual event. Saint Gabriel is also proud to have participated in the past at ceremonies for the Vietnam War Mobile Wall. Some of the pictures are a silent tribute of things that we have done in the past and continue to do.

Wardens of St. Gabriel's present a check to the Milton First Squad as part of our outreach program.

Spring Flea Market



Updated 02/26/2008
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