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An Invitation to worship at St. Gabriel's


Likely you have seen the familiar red, white and blue signs that proclaim, "The Episcopal Church welcomes you." The people of Saint Gabriel's hope to make that welcome a reality for you.

We are a small church. We hope to grow. But what we lack in numbers we try to make up in love and service. Almost any one of us can help you find your place in the worship books, direct you to a rest room, or introduce you at "coffee hour." St. Gabriel's is ADA accessible.

The Holy Eucharist is the center of our Sunday morning worship. Our church family gathers around our centrally located altar. We like to sing. We exchange the peace joyfully and inclusively! We invite all baptized persons to receive the sacraments with us. If you, or someone you care about needs prayers, we will be glad to pray for you and your loved ones.

We have color-coded our worship leaflets to help you find your way through the service. But, if you are confused we will be glad to help.

On the first Sunday of each month, after the Eucharist, we invite all who wish to come forward for healing prayers and the laying on of hands. We also keep a prayer list. You can make additions to it simply by asking.

After service, please join us for the "coffee hour." You don't have to drink coffee, and it doesn't last an hour. But, do have some refreshments and share our friendship.

Before you leave, please write your name and address information in our guest book. We would like to remember you when you come next time!

Easter at Saint Gabriel's


Updated 02/26/2008
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